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I help burnt-out leaders and entrepreneurs regain their spark by coaching them towards building a life that energizes them, not one that leaves them drained

I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs and leaders who are driven to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.   

I started a nonprofit from my kitchen when I was 23 with $3,000 in my savings account and grew it to serve 200,000 people in India, Uganda, Rwanda, Myanmar and South Africa. Since then, I’ve fundraised $16 million, ran corporate social responsibility partnerships for Fortune 500 companies, and led a foundation’s giving portfolio to strategically donate millions to domestic and international charities.


 Summit Series Fellow


Goldman Sachs Impact Analyst Finalist


LinkedIn for Good Winner


Forbes 30 Under 30



I change how entrepreneurs relate to and address burnout, and provide healthy paths towards healing and agency. I’m an advocate for cultivating honest conversations around burnout and our society’s toxic acceptance of it as a normal byproduct of entrepreneurship.


My purpose and work is to be a leader and facilitator in changing our relationship with burnout so that we can create healthier and safer spaces for leaders and entrepreneurs to do their work without damaging the rest of their lives. 

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I'm an accomplished speaker who has spoken at over 100 events in 13 countries, delivering keynotes, panels, and addressing universities across the globe. 


I’m passionate about talking openly about burnout to raise awareness and give more entrepreneurs access to the conversations that’ll help them find a healthy relationship with their work. 


Interested in booking me for your next speaking event? I’d love to collaborate with you to make your event a success. 

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Let's get you raising money without the stress. I'll teach you how to focus on what tasks convert to dollars, fine-tuning your approach to something that excites you, instead of something that fills you with dread. In a few weeks, you'll be fundraising with more ease, less energy and watch the money roll in each month with minimal effort - something you probably never thought was possible

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