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3 Self care tips you need to be doing right now


Connecting with a friend, old colleague or someone you lost touch with but who has been on your mind. These last pandemic years have been challenging and lonely for everyone. We have all cocooned ourselves a bit and lost some of our social lives, but more connection awaits with a little bit of renewed effort. I like to write a list of 3 people to reach out to when I’m taking a work break and ask them to catch up with a call to hear what’s really going on in their life. A text or email is great but a phone call - or walk in person if you can is even more life affirming.

Pause for a moment of gratitude. A while ago, I made a tradition of texting with my sister 3 things I was grateful for. Sometimes it was really simple “Harney and Sons tea, my legs so I can walk, and Burna Boy’s new album”. In a world that constantly reminds of what we don’t have or have enough of, there’s something very powerful in being able to refocus that energy into what we do have. By the way, if a person is on that list, why not send them a text or email letting them know you’re feeling especially grateful for them today? I’m sure it would make their day.

10 minutes of writing – when I’m having moments of “swirling the drain” and like nothing is going my way, I take out my journal and write. Sometimes I write “I’m having a bad day.” Sometimes I write lists of things I want to do or people I need to connect with. Sometimes I write about feeling confused and scared. But once it’s on paper and not just inside of me I usually feel a small twinge of relief. There’s something cathartic about taking time away from a screen. Sometimes I doodle or play with a new pen. Sometimes I take my journal to coffee or a park with me. Give this a try this week and let me know what you think!


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