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Join me for a June Fundraising Intensive

Ready to join me on a fundraising deep dive?

Join me for our next fundraising intensive.

Course dates:

June 7th, 9th and 14th at 12 pm EST - 1 pm EST

Course agenda:

In this exclusive fundraising course, I will work with fundraising masterclass participants to take my original 6 week fundraising course and condense it into an intensive, focused on nonprofit leaders who want to learn how to fundraise effectively and generate revenue in a virtual climate during the pandemic. This course combines my decades of fundraising experience for large and small nonprofits alike with my knowledge of how to do less busy work to get the best results and most money for your organization.

You’ll walk away from our sessions with:

  • Productivity tools to raise more money while doing less work (ummm…doesn’t that sound great?)

  • Easy ways to fundraise that don’t leave you feeling icky

  • Quick ways to raise $10k when you’ve got $0 to work with

  • Building corporate partnerships so you can rest easy with recurring revenue each year

Plus to make it easy for you I’ll include:

  • Cheat sheets so you don’t need to take notes

  • Worksheets to re-examine your relationship with money

  • Exact scripts to turn prospectives into donors and one time donors into your best supporters

The class will either be 3 group sessions 60 minutes in length. Sessions will be recorded and emailed to you, if you are unable to make one, though participants are encouraged to attend all classes live if possible.

Class is limited to 10 participants, and requires a minimum of 4 to run the course. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Cost: $1500.

Overview of sessions Session 1: Ways to Fundraise on a $0 Budget We will cover easy, simple and low/no budget ways to bring in revenue for your organization in ways you haven’t thought of already. We will bring in parlor meetings, advisory boards, birthday and wedding campaigns, and other examples so you can create a diversified, pandemic-proof funding stream for your organization this year. Session 2: Recurring Revenue What stops the starvation cycle of nonprofits? Recurring revenue coming in each month, so you and your team can plan your work and pay your salaries without going into the red. I’ll go over ideas for recurring revenue that you and your staff and board can implement right away, from big ideas to simple website tricks. My last recurring revenue campaign took 2 days to launch and brought it over $43,000. Get ready to implement yours too! Session 3: Quick and Easy Fundraising Tricks You can Implement Today Most fundraising classes are the same - they talk about big picture plans that take months and sometimes years to implement - not to mention a big team to make it all happen. Not this one! I’ll go over quick and simple ideas that can get money in the door in the next 24 hours. You are actually leaving plenty of easy money on the table - I’ll teach you how to get it.

Ready to sign up? Next steps below

  1. If you’d like to reserve your spot today, $1500 is due before June 1st. I can accept payment over Paypal at

  2. Once you’ve sent in your deposit, please take 5 minutes to fill out this brief survey so I can bring you the most value in this course.

Recent fundraising testimonials from this course:

“I came into this class with no idea about fundraising, and I feel like I’ve left with all of these ideas that I can put on paper and into execution that will bring in funds for our organization.”

-Sarit, NALA Foundation

“It’s been so worthwhile. I was just singing your praises to my colleagues this week. Sometimes in fundraising there’s a lot of pressure for everything you do to be a success, and I feel like I’m leaving with a lot of concrete ideas and initiatives to bring in funds. I wrote a to-do list for everything I’m responsible for to figure out what is my zone of genius and what I need help with. Fundraising is always a challenge but especially now, when you can’t do big galas and in person events, so this course has helped me find other ways to reach out to donors. I have truly loved working with you and have received such valuable insights and ideas which I certainly look forward to implementing.

-Michal, Innovation Africa


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