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Monthly Check-in

At the beginning of each month I like to set aside an hour for myself to reflect on the last month and think about how I’m living. Was it a month I was proud of? Were there some things I came up short with? It’s a great ritual to give yourself time for reflection, appreciation and goal setting, so I wanted to share my journaling prompts with you. Light a candle, play some relaxing music, pour yourself some wine or tea and get to writing…

Erin’s Journaling Prompts

  1. What has been working out well for me so far?

  2. What was the single biggest ‘win’ I had this month?

  3. What is not working for me so far?

  4. How have I been a good friend/partner/sibling/daughter?

  5. What activities, connections, people in my life right now feel life giving, affirmative, positive, grounding and supportive?

  6. What activities, connections and/or people feel life sucking, detracting and are actively not something I’m enjoying doing?

  7. What am I doing presently because “I think I should do it”?

  8. What’s one small thing I could do differently next month? How do I think it would make me feel?

  9. What’s something I can do that would be really kind and loving towards myself?


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