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The power of intentional rest

Feeling in a rut these days?

Aren’t we all. Two and a half years into this pandemic and it seems like we are all stretched to our limits.

Some days I wake up feeling like I really don’t want to work, meet with friends or do much else other than eat and annoy my dog. I take her for a few walks, drink a coffee and then manage to fritter away the entire day…doing a chore here, scrolling Instagram for way too long, sending a friend a surprise gift and making dinner.

And I used to beat myself up for that, looking back on the day and telling myself: “What a waste! How is this my day to day when I’m supposed to be running a nonprofit? Think of all the privilege I have in having an apartment in New York!” and other lovely judgemental statements. I’d spend the days doing nothing, but actually, more than nothing, because I’d be consistently beating up on myself in the process.

But enough is enough.

This year I’m trying to give myself some generosity and accept that many days I’m not going to beproductive” or “healthy” or “boss bitch status”. And that’s ok because I’m human. Humans aren’t meant to be productive all the time.

Where did we come up with this idea that we need to be productive all the time anyways? I really think social media and the glorification of business owners that seemingly fell into overnight success is making this pressure worse than it has ever been.

But that doesn’t have to be you. Or me anymore.

My challenge for you is to take a day off this week and notice what sorts of judgmental thoughts you’re having about yourself in the process.

Write them down. Ask yourself if they are really true? And are they really your voice or is it the voice of someone else?


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